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HSI Podcast 74- Mist Opportunities


On this episode I'm joined by  runner up in the Decatur father of the year contest and founder of the Stephen King Apologist Associaction Jameson H. Erndon . There are some parts where Herndon's Audio went out, or his computer crashed, or where he started talking nonsense about politics being a good disad. I have dubbed over some of this with audio from the ending of The Mist so you can judge for yourself/vote in the above poll.  I have no idea how the poll app chose to shorten the potential answers into the gobbledy gook that now shows up, but I think it improved it. 

If you are a masochist you can see the whole thing here 

-tips for defeating framing contentions- which seems to be a touchstone this year

-how to deal with the states cp in its various versions- when is theory the right choice?

-ordinal prefs -how they work, how to do them

-college applications- debate and how it factors in

-how to utilize winter break to have a strong second semester 


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