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Impact of Mental Illness on Relationships with Marifran Korb


Mental illness has always carried a stigma in our society and there are people in the public who we see with illnesses. But there are also many people who are impacted in many ways through their relationships with family members and friends who have mental illness. This can be parents, siblings, spouses, partners, and others - this is what we'll talk about on Ready for Love radio this week. My guest Marifran Korb grew up in a household that dealt with mental illness and she shares intimate details on her story with us and how it affected her in many ways for years. It is an important topic and an important show. Whether this affects you personally or not, please consider joining us to learn more about how it can help you or someone you love, to know more. This is one of those topics I want to share to empower people to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of people they care about.

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These are some of the things we talk about -

What was the worst part of dealing with mentally ill relatives?
Can you describe what it was like to be a young child with a mentally ill parent.
How did childhood relationships with your parents affect your adult relationships?
How can mental illness affect your loving relationships?
What specific message would you like to convey in this interview?
What are some tips can you share if the person is fighting getting help?
What are some common problems people encounter while they are in a relationship with a person who is mentally ill?
What are some lessons you learned in your relationship?
You and your husband split up at one point because he refused to get help. Tell us how you ended up getting back together and how that worked out.
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About Marifran Korb -

Relationship Rejuvenator Coach – 26 years

Marifran coaches women Empty-Nesters who experience an uneasy relationship with their spouse, assisting them in creating a plan for their midlife partnership. With 26 years of coaching experience, Marifran uses communication techniques, self-trust methods, and ancient wisdom practices. As a result, her clients reconnect with their power and their partner. Traveling internationally and dancing locally are also Marifran's passions. For more information on coaching visit

About Breaking Through Concrete -

Breaking through the confines of mental illness in the family, the author finds the treasure of transforming from victim to victor. With a depressed father and a manic-depressive, schizophrenic mother, her authentic, personal story moves from surviving to thriving. In some ways, it is everyone's story.


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