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In Blessing and Conflict We Are Family


Abraham now takes another wife. Sarah has died and Isaac has his own wife now, Abraham is now alone in his old age. He marries Keturah who according to Matthew Henry, was probably the chief of his maid-servants, born in his house or bought with money. I find it interesting that she bore 6 sons, and Sarah only bore 1. Personally I believe that this shows how special Sarah and Isaac were. In their culture, the more children you have especially sons, the more prominent you were. But in God’s eyes, the one son Sarah had, was to carry on the promise that was given to Abraham. The 6 sons of Keturah while making her look good in cultural standing, predominantly could not partake of the promise or of the inheritance from Abraham. Notice it says in verse 5 Abraham gave all that he had to Isaac, but he only gave gifts to the other children, including Ishmael, and he then sent them away to the East. There was to be no confusion regarding who God’s hand would be upon.


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