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Jeff Koser and Saul Kaplan

Jeff Koser and Saul Kaplan


Sales and opportunities through experimentation are discussed on today’s show. Jeff Koser is the spirited founder & CEO of Selling to Zebras (STZ). STZ is the software company that helps organizations find, close, expand and retain their top revenue producing customers (Zebras). The Selling to Zebras™ software platform helps sellers start each sales engagement in a better place. The software provides “insights” that help identify Zebras and critical business issues which, when solved, create measurable value. Saul Kaplan is the founder and Chief Catalyst of Business Innovation Factory. His mission is to enable collaborative innovation. His goal is to contribute to a more prosperous local and national economy and to catalyze business model innovation in healthcare, education, public safety, and consumer experience. He is self-proclaimed innovation junkie who lives in the grey areas between functions, disciplines, and sectors. He believes that the important opportunities to create value will be found in the grey areas and realized by continual experimentation that celebrates random collisions among the unusual suspects.


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