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Jesus Christ & Virgin Mary Conspiracy / Graham Phillips


Do the Vatican’s secret archives contain evidence of a medieval cover-up concerning the real father of Jesus Christ & the final days of the mother of Jesus Christ? Historical Detective Graham Phillips unwraps "The Virgin Mary Conspiracy: The Hidden Truth About the Holy Grail , The Real Father of Jesus Christ, & The Tomb of Virgin Mary." What became of the Virgin Mary after the Crucifixion is one of the greatest mysteries of the Bible. Graham Phillips follows a trail of historical clues that took him from the Vatican to Jerusalem and from Turkey to the British Isles. Graham Phillips unravels the truth behind this centuries-old ecclesiastical cover-up and discovers what may be the final resting place of the Virgin Mary. Then, Graham reveals the discovery of an artifact that many experts believe may be the Holy Grail, which is claimed as the vessel used by Mary Magdalene to collect Christ’s blood when he appeared to her after rising from the tomb. He uncovers the secret legacy of an ancient noble family over generations and a trail of clues hidden in the English countryside that lead to a mysterious grotto, a forgotten attic, and the lost chalice. Featured from his book "The Chalice of Magdalene," Graham traces the relic, Phillips offers the inside story behind an astonishing adventure that results in the identification of the historical King Arthur and the location of one of the most powerful symbols in Western tradition.,,


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