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Kevin Hines

Kevin Hines


In September, 2000, Kevin Hines attempted suicide at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. In October, 2017, he shared his story of hope, healing and recovery with the youth of Wood County, Ohio.

In this podcast, Hines expands on the story he told to junior high and high school students during presentations at Rossford, Otsego, Northwood, Perrysburg, North Baltimore, and Eastwood. He also spoke to the communities in Otsego and Northwood during his visit.

Our podcast also covers the need for mental health first aid training for both youth and adults, the ripple effect of suicide, how to talk about suicide fearlessly, and what you can do to help.

Kevin Hines is not only a suicide attempt survivor. He is also a filmmaker, author, and advocate. Some of his projects include:

• Suicide: The Ripple Effect, a film that will be released in 2018
• Cracked, Not Broken, a book released in 2013, soon to be turned into a film
• Another upcoming book called The Art of Wellness
• A blog, which can be located by searching Google for HuffPost + Kevin Hines
• A video series that can be found by searching Google for Vimeo + Kevin Hines
• Another video series called The Art of Wellness, available at www.17mproductions.com

To engage with the movement, text CNQR to 51555.

If you are contemplating suicide, text CNQR to 741741, or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

Parental guidance is ENCOURAGED.

This podcast is intended for educational purposes only. The views expressed on the podcast are solely of the individuals, and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Wood County Educational Service Center or the Wood County Prevention Coalition.

Music courtesy of Breaking Grace (www.breakinggrace.us). Featuring the songs What Do You Want and Heart So Cold, off of their album Redemption Road. Copyright 2014 by Breaking Grace. Used with permission.


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