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Kim Komando and Dorie Clark

Kim Komando and Dorie Clark


Top radio personality and leadership expert discuss success. Kim Komando is a national radio show host, the chair of WestStar MultiMedia Entertainment, Fox News Contributor, and USA Today Tech Columnist. She hosts the nation's largest weekend radio show that happens to be about living in today's digital world. The focus of her show is consumer electronics, what's happening or trending on the Internet, smartphones, online security, and more that makes up our digital lifestyle. Her show is also broadcast internationally on the American Forces Radio Network. This consists of 177 different countries and every ship at sea. Dorie Clark is a strategy consultant and professional speaker who has worked with clients including Google, Microsoft, Morgan Stanley, Fidelity, Yale University, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank. She is a regular contributor to the Harvard Business Review, and the author of "Reinventing You" (Harvard Business Review Press, 2013) and "Stand Out" (Portfolio/Penguin, 2015). Stand Out was named the #1 Leadership Book of 2015 by Inc. magazine and one of the Top 10 Business Books of the Year by Forbes. The New York Times calls her “expert at self-reinvention and helping others make changes in their lives.”


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