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LD Podcast 8


On this edition of the pod Scott and Fink are joined by Adam Torson, former mayor of Fargo North Dakota and debate coach at Marlborough. Torson discusses the topic process for a bit and then we jump into some reader questions:

-is T any unbeatable given all the cards from debate coaches-judges seem to love them. If the aff has to be whole rez how do I write a new case for the TOC?
-what kind of evidence do you need for a PIC- is it enough to just say X type of speech is bad?
-judges don't find my explanation of the links for the Cap K persuasive- how can i do that better?
-what are your predictions for new arguments people will break at the TOC?
-I went for FW vs an identity aff and the judge voted that it was not ok to exclude their perspective, how can you win if every argument you make supposedly excludes the other team?
-how should i prep in advance for phil- i have debated the same school 3 times this year and each time they read a different nonsense Kant NC- kant obviously supports free speech, but they either cut a 1 sentence card out of context or make up 20 analytics for why he negataes

In the theory corner we discuss disclosure theory and new affs at the TOC.

In our closing rants Torson discusses the under-highlighting of evidence , Scott discusses the high bar for cheesy arguments like RVI, and fink explains why he doesn't like nice clothes.


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