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Old vs New: Stephen King's IT

Old vs New: Stephen King's IT


More often than not movie reboots leave us with disappointing results. We get movies coming out 20+ years after their predecessors and despite all advances in film and technology the reboots often can't hold a candle to the original.

However, on a rare occasion we're treated to a reboot that decides not to just rehash the same story but instead to reinterpret that material and go a different way. In this way these movies can be night and day of each other and the results can be amazing, giving us something new while reminding us where it came from.

Today Jake, Anthony, and Jonathan got together to discuss Stephen King's IT in all it's adaptations. How does the new movie compare to the TV mini series and the book? What was great about it? Where did it fall short? It was a fun episode to create.



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