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Page Fifteen--Throwing Pebbles


In the 15th episode of All in Good Storytime we finish reading Acceptance, the final book in the Southern Reach Trilogy (previous books: Annihilation and Authority). We discuss Saul's final transformation into the crawler and share our thoughts on the director's decision to let the linguist back out of the 12th expedition. We examine our feelings toward the Director in light of the fact that she was cast as the villain in the first book, but by the end of this book she was the emotional heart of the story. We are finally given a clearer understanding as to why the biologist was so sought after by the Director, due to her connections with Area X through her husband. We touch on key details that we had somehow missed in our reading such as the fact that Control became a rabbit and the Director had cancer. Finally, we discuss how satisfying this ending was given that the origin of Area X was basically aliens all along.

Content Warnings for NEXT WEEK'S reading:
-Graphic depictions of physical violence
-Graphic descriptions of dead and mutilated bodies
-Depictions of state violence


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