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Page Fifty-Three--Pigs


In the 53rd episode of All in Good Storytime, we discuss chapters 6-11 of "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn. In these chapters, we learn that our toothless victims had a tendency towards biting the townsfolk. We see a romantic relationship bloom between Camille and detective Richard just as Camille's relationship with her mother is hitting rock bottom. We are given a tangible link between Adora and the two dead girls when we learn she was their tutor. Finally, we learn that being a boy and crying over your dead sister makes you suspect #1 in Wind Gap.

We discuss Camille's doomed romance with Dick, her desire for agency, and her complicated views on sexuality as shaped by her childhood traumas. We express disgust towards Amma as she extracts joy while watching a shackled sow forced to nurse at the pig farm. We continue to question the motivation behind Camille's self-harm and challenge whether or not Marian's death is also the driving force behind Amma's recklessness. We address Amma's interesting form of self-awareness where she is able to acknowledge that she is inconsistently kind but she is not able to do anything to change her behavior.

We draw a connection between Adora biting a random child that reminded her of an apple to Mia's desire to eat her own apple baby in "Little Fires Everywhere." We end by concluding that Adora is most certainly the murderer and is driven by her need to extract revenge on the headstrong girls who bit her as well as her desire to avoid actually killing off Amma by going after carefully selected surrogates.

Content Warning: This book/episode contains discussions of self harm, violence against children, emotional abuse, and sexual violence.


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