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Page Fifty-Two--Baby Teeth


In the 52nd episode of All in Good Storytime, we discuss the first 5 chapters of "Sharp Objects" by Gillian Flynn. In these chapters, we are introduced to Camille Preaker, a struggling reporter from Chicago with a history of cutting and alcohol abuse. She returns to her small hometown in Missouri where her mom, stepdad, and half-sister still reside in order to cover the murder of a young girl and the kidnapping of another. We also learn about Camille's tumultuous childhood and her deceased younger sister Marian.

We discuss how trustworthy of a narrator Camille is and question how reliable her descriptions of other characters are, especially when it comes to her half-sister Amma. We dissect Camille and Adora's strained relationship and consider to what extent Adora may be manipulating Camille regarding Marian's death. We examine the nature of Camille's cutting words into her skin and wonder if the book hints at it's etiology in her childhood trauma.

We surmise that the Wind Gap murderer is either building a house with the teeth they are collecting from their victims or saving them to throw as weapons at their enemies. We end by predicting that the murders have been carried out by Amma, Adora, Amma, and Adora together, Camille, Marian who isn't really dead, Curry who was inexplicably aware of these crimes early on and may also be Camille's biological father, or Richard who just wanted a fun case to solve.

Content Warning: This book/episode contains discussions of self harm, violence against children, emotional abuse, and sexual violence.


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