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Page Forty-Eight--Someday, Together


In the 48th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch episodes 37-39 of Revolutionary Girl Utena. In these final episodes, Akio's schemes to bring revolution to the world reach a climax, we see a final confrontation and duel between Akio and Utena, Anthy betrays Utena, and Utena either joins chu-chu in death or she lives happily ever after with Anthy in Paris.

We begin by discussing Utena's response to the shocking revelation that Anthy and Akio are sexually involved. We unpack Anthy and Utena's light-hearted conversation about poisoning each other's food and suggest that they are testing their friendship in a way that would not have been possible in episode 1. Utena may ask out Akio and Anthy may stab Utena in the back to help Akio win their duel, but in the end, they still choose each other. We examine precisely how Akio gaslights Utena in an attempt to manipulate and use her to regain his power. The students at their school barely remember Utena's name, but she still changed everyone there. Anthy refuses to go along with any more of Akio's schemes and sets off in search of Utena.


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