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Page Forty-Five--Preserved Flowers


In the 45th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch episodes 20-23 of Revolutionary Girl Utena. In these episodes, we conclude the increasingly confusing black rose arc. We see Wakaba does indeed have a dark side, we are potentially given the true story behind the 100 students who died in a fire, and we finally see Utena face the black rose circle in a duel.

We delve into Mikage's true identity as it is revealed in flashbacks. It appears he is actually the one and only Professor Nemuro who allegedly died in the fire. We discuss in depth the revelation that Professor Nemuro was working on a top-secret research project whose goal was to attain the power to revolutionize the world. While working, Professor Nemuro meets Tokiko and her terminally ill brother, Mamiya. We muse how love can inspire anything, including mass murder.

We discuss the nature of memories and how it relates to Mikage/Nemuro's questionable story of who set the deadly fire. We also question who actually died in the fire, and how it is possible that Akio and Professor Nemuro have not aged since then while Tokiko has. While it once seemed that Mikage and Mamiya were the masterminds behind the duels, it now appears that Akio is truly the one in charge. We also share our confusion regarding whether or not Anthy is really Mamiya. We end by theorizing that many of the characters are actually ghosty aliens.

Content warnings: violence against women, sexual assault, pedophilia, incest, homophobia, gender roles, toxic masculinity, abusive relationships, non-graphic violence, other general violations of autonomy, violence towards animals, and attempted suicide.


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