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Page Forty-Four--Black Roses


In the 44th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch episodes 14-19 of Revolutionary Girl Utena. In these episodes, we enter into the black rose arc and we are introduced to several new characters. We meet Anthy's older brother Akio Ohtori, Juri's old crush Shiori, and the boys of the black rose, Mamiya and Souji. We learn that Mamiya and Souji are on a mission to kill Anthy and take the power of Dios. To do this, they influence several vulnerable characters to attack the members of the student council, steal their swords, and duel Utena.

We question the dynamic between Anthy and Akio and suspect that they share something more sinister than a normal sibling relationship. We discuss how Micki isn't the only character stuck in the past with the revelation that Kozue is intentionally trying to gain his attention by any means because she misses him. We expand our suspicions of Anthy by suggesting that she intentionally brought Utena a red sweater to antagonize Cow-Nanami. We also address how shockingly malicious Shiori is and we express our concern that she now has the power to forcibly out Juri. Finally, we share our concern for sweet Wakaba that she may be drawn into the duels.

Content warnings: This show contains depictions of violence against women, sexual assault, pedophilia, incest, homophobia, gender roles, toxic masculinity, abusive relationships, non-graphic violence, other general violations of autonomy, violence towards animals, attempted suicide


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