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Page Thirty-Eight--You Get What You Need


In the 38th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch the seventh episode of Big Little Lies on HBO. In the final episode of Big Little Lies the dead body from the premiere is finally identified. Through a non-linear narrative, the events surrounding trivia night and how all of our characters are involved is explained. Jane identifies her rapist. Celeste makes her final move towards freedom. Amabella's schoolyard bully is identified.

We discuss the horrible opening scene which depicts the escalating level of violence Perry inflicts on Celeste and how their children keep interrupting the abuse. We look at the scene where Jane confides in Celeste that it is actually Max who has been bullying both Amabella and Skye and how Jane's fears regarding violence being in Ziggy's DNA have now been transferred over to Celeste. We also address the perfect irony that during his time as the school bully Max apparently pushed Skye down the stairs and this is the exact method by which Bonnie handles Perry. We express our frustration that Bonnie's character wasn't fleshed out more for the series and that her major character point from the book, that she grew up in an abusive household, was intentionally left out. We share our hope that along with a greater focus on Bonnie, Ed will also be given more attention in the next season and the creepy aura he gave off will be addressed. We acknowledge that season 2 is unlikely to be as cathartic as the ending of season 1 especially if it primarily focuses on the criminal investigation into Perry's death. Until the 2019 premiere of season 2, we can only repeated watch Perry getting impaled to tide us over.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode/show contains discussions and depictions of violence against women.


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