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Page Thirty-Five--Push Comes to Shove


In the 35th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch the fourth episode of Big Little Lies on HBO. In this episode, we see Celeste back in her element as a lawyer representing Madeline and her play and she begins seeing her couple's counselor alone. Nathan invites Madeline to dinner to discuss co-parenting Abigail and Ed shows up at Bonnie's studio to discuss the upcoming dinner. Madeline makes out with the play director and we learn that they once had an affair. Jane brings Ziggy to a child psychologist after she learns that Amabella is still being bullied. Madeline potentially discovers who raped Jane.

We discuss the bad vibes we got from Ed and Bonnie's discussion and how Ed is appearing increasingly creepy especially in light of the fact that we now know he likes to dress up in costumes. We question whether Bonnie's remark, “You know we all have baggage, Ed," was a reference to something in her own past, or in Ed's. We express how we would have felt worse about Madeline cheating on Ed with the play director if we had learned about it before Ed's creepy side was revealed. We speculate as to who is bullying Amabella if it isn't Ziggy. We discuss how transparent and controlling Perry is being when he suggests that he and Celeste have another child just as they are beginning to fight as the possibility of Celeste working again is introduced. Finally, we question what is going to happen with Jane now that the identity of her rapist has potentially been revealed.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode/show contains depictions/discussions of sexual assault and violence against women.


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