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Page Thirty-Four--Living the Dream


In the 34th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch the second episode of Big Little Lies on HBO. In this episode, Madeline and Renata's feud escalates as Amabella finally has her birthday party and Madeline makes good on her promise to host an alternative party at Disney's Frozen on Ice. Renata explicitly considers killing Madeline. Madeline learns that Abigail has decided to go live with her father and we question whether this decision was truly driven by Madeline's helicopter parenting or if it possibly involved Ed. We discuss how Bonnie's character is only developed as an adversary for Madeline and how the town as a whole also has a complicated relationship with her. Jane confides in Madeline about her history of rape, and based on her flashbacks we theorize that Perry may have been her assailant. We realize that Jane's PTSD, Ziggy's sleepwalking, and the gun under Jane's pillow are a potentially lethal combination. We examine the heartbreaking scene where Celeste and Perry finally go to counseling in an attempt to mend their broken marriage.

CONTENT WARNING: This episode/show contains depictions and discussions of sexual assault and violence against women.


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