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Page Thirty-Seven--Burning Love


In the 37th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch the sixth episode of Big Little Lies on HBO. In this penultimate episode, we see multiple major developments. We finally see the planned co-parenting dinner come to fruition, Madeline's play has it's opening night, Abby's secret project is revealed, Celeste makes a major move towards leaving Perry, and Renata and Jane reconcile.

We discuss the improbable Kermit-green color of Madeline's puke at the highly anticipated dinner with Bonnie and Nathan. We address Perry's continuing use of manipulative tactics to try and further isolate Celeste from her friends by attempting to guilt her out of attending the opening night of Madeline's play. We expand on last week's discussion regarding how involved Celeste's therapist has become in her situation. We rejoice over Jane and Renata's decision to put their differences aside to best deal with the evolving situation regarding Amabella's abuse and Ziggy's exclusion at school. We end with our final round of theories regarding the murder at the core of the show.

CONTENT WARNING: This show/episode contains depictions and discussions of violence against women.


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