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Page Twenty-Eight--White and Silver


In these chapters, we are introduced to the Silver family, composed of the twins Miranda and Eliot, the recently deceased mother Lily, and the father Luc. Together they run a bed and breakfast in England. Miranda suffers from pica, a disorder characterized by the appetite for nonnutritional substances, and following the death of her mother, her condition is worsened and she is briefly hospitalized in a psychiatric facility. It is also clear that other Silver women have had this disorder and have been generally mentally unwell.

We begin by discussing how pica is not a quirky character trait and regardless of any supernatural elements, witches, or ghosts, Miranda is going to die from an intestinal obstruction. We examine the role of the House as a sentient narrator as well as to what end it is communicating with the other characters in the story. We end by theorizing that Miranda will eat the house.


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