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category: Literature

Page Twenty-Five--Dorm Life


In the 25th episode of All in Good Storytime, we begin reading "We Are Okay" by Nina LaCour. In these chapters, we are introduced to the mysterious Marin who is spending her winter break at school in New York instead of returning home to California. As she says goodbye to her new friends for the break she prepares for a visit from an old one. We slowly start to uncover why Marin had a falling out with this friend, Mabel, and the story of Marin's former life with her grandfather in California. We discuss the implication that Marin and Mabel were romantically involved and what that means for the future of their friendship, we question Marin's seemingly trauma-fraught relationship with her grandfather, and we observe the stark differences between the warmth and inclusive nature of the surfer community and Marin's distant relationship with her grandfather. We share a tense tale of one our own encounters staying in a college dorm during a school break and fighting off wasps and we end by making predictions regarding what form the climax of this novel will take.


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