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Page Twenty-Nine--Haunted Soil


In the 29th episode of All in Good Storytime, we continue reading White is for Witching by Helen Oyeyemi from section "Jennifer Silver" up to section "Sade." In these chapters, the powers and sentience of the House are further expanded upon. Mystery surrounds the disappearance of Jennifer, Miranda's grandmother, and it is suggested that she was either strangled by her own mother or forever trapped in the house. Everyone experiences horrifying dreams. Miranda is attacked by a group of girls led by Tijana as the attacks on immigrants in their community intensify. Eliot goes to South Africa for an internship and Miranda goes off to college at Cambridge where she becomes Ore's rebound after being rejected by Tijana.

We examine the numerous haunted house moments in these chapters which include animating a mannequin to give Sade, the new housekeeper, a classic jumpscare. We look at the relationship between Anna, whose devastation over the death of her husband during WWI coincided with the creation of the house as a conscious figure, and nationalism. We end by discussing our predictions that Great-Grandma Anna Good has been possessing all of the Silver women and that Ore will eventually use Tijana's purple holy water gift as a cleansing bath bomb for Miranda to exorcise her.


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