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Page Twenty-Seven--We ARE Okay


In the 27th episode of All in Good Storytime, we finish "We Are Okay" by Nina LaCour. In these chapters, Marin's enigmatic past and the truth of her grandfather's death finally reveals itself.

Marin explains that shortly after Mabel left for college her grandfather drowned himself. Marin discovered that his half of the house was filled with her dead mother's pictures and belongings and that the letters he had exchanged with "Birdy" were really letters he was writing to her mom. The novel ends with Mabel's parents joining them in New York and successfully convincing Marin to join their family.

We discuss whether or not Marin's grandfather was manifesting an extreme form of grief or if he was mentally ill, why it took more than just Mabel to convince Marin to come live with her family, and our desire to see more interaction between Marin and Mabel's parents to make the ending feel more realistic. We end by theorizing that Marin's grandfather didn't die and has been living in the dorms this whole time.


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