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Paranormal Connections Radio Show March 6 2017 Topic Exposing Extreme Haunt McKamey Manor Part 2


Make sure to Join me LIVE TONIGHT in 1 HR 15 MINS on Paranormal Connections Radio Show...@ 6pm pst....8pm cst...9pm est...This week is another 18 and over R Rated show and Part 2 of the Exposing Extreme Haunt McKamey Manor Topic....As many know I have been investigating this extreme haunt since 2012...not understanding the Extreme Haunt genre....I approached Russ McKamey to come on the show and give listeners a glimpse into what his haunt was about...Over the yrs I went from Hater to Supporter and recently back to a Hater due to the info...lies and BS created and shared by Russ recently since he created the "Chamber"...and because of the NDA's....and people being threatened with Lawsuits...many people shyed away from agreeing to come on the show....BUT NOT EVERYONE....On Part one we spoke to some of the brave past contestants of the "Chamber" as they discussed how their tours were made very personal...and how they felt they were injured intentionally at the direction of Russ because of the personal vendettas Russ had with the contestant...we also heard from the past MM actors who all quit...and came on the show to tell people to stay away from MM as well as they share their concern for contestants safety themselves...Tonight on Part 2 we will hear from a few more people who have personal knowledge about the haunt and the goings on well as they will express their opinions on the haunts safety....So much info to many lies and made up drama to be we reveal the real truth behind the Haunt and its obcessed Leader.


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