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Paul Spinks License to Speak #011


In this podcast you will hear Paul Spinks deliver a short 20 min presentation. The purpose of which, is provide a sample of Paul’s presentation style and suitability for workplace health conferences and associated in-house training events.
Your employees may well be certified to do the job, but how they perform at LIFE itself will determine their effectiveness in the workplace. Paul believes that creating the desire for change will be the determining factor of healthy workforces into the 21st Century. Paul’s expertise rest in the areas of mental and Physical health in the workplace.
For more information, or to engage Paul for your next conference or training event click on the link below:
This podcast is one in a series of four, 20 minute presentations recorded at the Great Expectation Speaker Showcase. The showcase featured the hot topic of the moment, Disruption. Recorded and produced by Pop Up Radio.


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