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Picking The Right Version Of Red


Episode Summary
Episode 47: Picking The Right Version Of Red
Back for some more. We talked and didn’t want to leave our fans with another hiatus so we’re happy to squeeze in another Pod. This past weekend we battled in a three person team tournament (Standard, Modern, Legacy), PPTQ’d, and have been talking a lot about changes to the current formats. We get into some of the differences between Red decks right now, how we feel they are positioned, perceived pros and cons, and what our gameplan would be for the upcoming weekend (Pro Tour Kyoto, PPTQs, 1ks, etc). We close it out with our usual Mailbag, Brewer’s Corner, and Loose Change.
We’re looking to expand our current segments going forward, so please stay tuned for some positive development. Lastly, if you have any suggestions please let us know, you can find us here:
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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:
(0:00) Introduction
Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Giveaways and catching up.
(4:20) Tournament Report
NRG Team Tournament: Our Lists and Discussion:
Mono Red Aggro in Standard: It’s positive impact, what’s working, what would we change, what to expect this weekend in Kyoto and locally. (Sand Strangler, Aethersphere Harvester, obligator vs hellion vs other cards, etc)
(Burkhart and Demars Articles Too-

Red in Modern: What’s the best Red choice for Modern right now? How do you combat the expected Meta (Shadow, Drazi, Affinity, Coco-Combo, Burn, Titanshift)
(48:30) Brewers Corner
Talking about Davis’s UR Goblin Tempo
(50:35) Mailbag
Collectively everyone - Is there space in Standard for a Big Red deck, and why doesn’t small red run much at 4cmc or greater?
What's the best board plan regarding fliers and going big vs not?

Josh Rock- Mono Red Aggro vs 4-Color Emerge and UR Control (or just general things to combat it), what’s best strategy?
(55:28) Loose Change and Last Music Plays
Dunkirk, Valerian, Baby Driver (on our lists to see)

Next tournament moves, upcoming pptqs and 1ks
(more info at
(1:04:04) Signing Off
(1:05:02) End
(All music courtesy of the Passion HiFi)


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