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Putting That Lunch Money To Work


In Episode 33 (brought to you by Nerd Rage Gaming) John and Davis discuss their past tournament weekend, which included a #GPPITT attendance for Davis and a PPTQ/IQ Double Header for John. After that we dive into discussion about building better manabases, revising how to go about testing for events, and the upcoming Modern PPTQ season. Next we answer a few reader mailbag questions, talk about Davis's Lunch Money Brew, and dip into a freshly spoiled Eldritch Moon red card. We close out with our usual loose change where we talk about upcoming guests.

P.S. (This cast was recorded while Davis was on his way back from GP PITT, so big apologies for the audio quality!)

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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:

(0:00) Introduction

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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. More Nerd Rage Swag to give away.

(5:05) Tournament Report

Davis's UR Fliers (Saito) (Standard) for GP PITT

John's Burn (Modern) from the SCG IQ Top 8

Karsten Mana

Revising Testing practice, pushing for the next level and Modern season, GP Indy

(31:52) Mailbag And A Message From Our Sponsor

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Lisa Marie - As a busy mom on the go and on a budget, I'm looking to get into competitive burn action but don't own Guides and don't have any plans for them anytime soon. What could be some strong replacements or a budgeted version that would still be somewhat competitive?

Budget RDW by John (Modern)

Mike Valenzuela - What was your biggest "level up" moment as a Red Mage?

(54:30) Brewers Corner

Lunch Money Red by Davis Merced (Standard)

Hanweir Garrison

Hanweir Battlements

(1:12:00) Loose Change

John staying in Madison, WI
Skred Guest and Filmmaker Joseph Alane for next Podcast
The Lobster
Independence Day

(1:26:55) Signing Off

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