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Ranting About Religion With Michael Sherlock


As many of you know we here at Brainstorm started a teespring campaign to sell shirts and raise funds so we can make a donation to the Canadian Mental Health Association. Well I’ve kind of been pushing it pretty hard. Messaging bloggers and podcasters to help promote it and harassing everyone I know to buy a shirt. With the campaign over I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has helped spread the word so far. Prominent atheist activist JT Eberhard let me do a guest blog post even though I’m a terrible writer. Podcasters from Skeptically Challenged, Cognitive Dissonance, Irreverent Skeptics, and The Herd Mentality have all given us a plug on their show or a share on their facebook page and I really appreciate it. A big thanks to everyone whose reserved their shirts, I’d give you shout outs by name but I’m never sure if people want their name in the public or not and a big thanks to one listener in particular who didn’t want a shirt but is sending a hundred dollars to donate. I can’t really find the words to properly express how appreciative I am to everyone. This is a cause that I really care about and I hope that we can help the CMHA with what they do. Even if it’s just a little bit.

But you guys didn’t download this to listen to me ramble on. In this episode, Mike, Rene, Destin and I talk to Michael Sherlock, author of the gospel of atheism and freethought as well as the I am Christ series. We managed to make our schedules mesh and he skyped in with us while we were in the studio. This is episode 20, recorded on October 25, 2014.


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