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Red Deck Podcast #35 – Winning A Super IQ With Mono Red Feat. Austin Casey


In Episode 35 we have a surprise special guest on, Austin Casey, who won a Super IQ in Fenton, MI with Mono Red Aggro. Our listeners have been dying to hear about a "Red Deck Wins" style of deck that can do well for months, and Austin brings some great insight into how he made his choices and then how he cut through a difficult field that was stacked against him to ultimately get the cash, the trophy, and the pride. But this episode is another big one, so we continue the discussion with tales of Davis's back to back tournament victories, using Dredge to take down a PPTQ and an SCG IQ of his own. It might not be majority Red, but Davis fireballed his way to victory quite a few times and even managed to win a game where he mulligan'd to one card in hand. After that we touch on Max McVety's Secret Burn list from the Open in Columbus, John's Big Red Evolution, feature one of our listeners in the Brewer's Corner who Day 2'd Baltimore with Red, and answer a hot mailbag inquiry about the direction of R&D at Wizards of the Coast. Things close out with our Loose Change and a Nerd Rage Giveaway.

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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:

(0:00) Introduction

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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Grand Prix Portland, Indianapolis, and Louisville plans. SCG Regionals.

(2:18) Special Guest Austin Casey (Starcitygames Super IQ Winner - Mono Red Aggro)

Mono-Red Aggro by Austin Casey (Standard, 1st - SCG IQ, Fenton, MI)

(37:51) Tournament Report

Dredge by Davis Merced (Modern, 1st - PPTQ)

Dredge Part 2 by Davis Merced (Modern, 1st - SCG IQ)

Big Red prototype for SCG Regionals by John Galli (Standard)

Burn by John Galli (Modern, PPTQ List from last weekend. Ensnaring Bridge for warped Eldrazi/Dredge local meta)

Secret Burn by Max McVety (Standard, 59th Place at SCG Columbus Open)

Secret Burn discussion on Reddit with Max McVety

(1:04:55) Brewers Corner

Big Red by Andrew Frank (Standard, Day 2 at SCG Baltimore Open)

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(1:11:48) Mailbag

Marc Aplin - Where is R&D trying to go with Red, do you think any help lies ahead?

(1:22:04) Loose Change

GP Indy, GP Louisville
Lights Out
The Infiltrator
The Wire

(more info at

(1:42:25) Giveaways and Patreon

Nerd Rage Swag. Patreon Contributions.

(1:46:57) Signing Off

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