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Remembering Jedi Elvis: an audio tribute to Eric Cajiuat


Eric Cajiuat was more than just "Jedi Elvis." But that was how I met him, and how I remember him most. The King of the Light Side was used by Eric many times over to entertain people as well as to help them out, and not just locally here in southern California.

When a major tsunami disaster hit Japan in 2011, Jedi Elvis did what he did best, and singing Star Wars lyrics to Elvis Presley songs was only a part of it. When it came to helping others, Eric could move mountains, much in the same way his beautiful baritone voice could move people.

Here, in between some of his songs, are moments that I recall reading about Jedi Elvis in April 2011, and meeting with him later that month to discuss some of what he did to organize and fund disaster relief efforts through the Red Cross.

Above it all, Eric was the kindest, gentlest, and most benevolent human being I've ever met. He was the kind of guy that would give you the cape off of his back if you needed it. It was the selfless efforts he would often take, the extra miles he would routinely and spontaneously make, all that he did for other people that inspired me to try and do the same. I admired Eric, respected him, and I'm darn sure going to miss him. Rest in peace, pal.


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