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Saul's road to rebellion


The story of Saul the first king of Israel is not the happily ever after story of a king and his kingdom, however there are many things we can learn by observing his life. His life serves as an example, of how fast sin can become a dominating force in the life of one who strives to do right. It also gives us hope, that the people we know in our lives who were once strong in faith, but through the deception of sin turn to a life of rebellion are not outside of Gods eternal grace!

Sermon outline:

Beginning passage 1 Samuel 8:5,10-18

1. Saul the simple 1 sam 9:1-3&8-10

Saul the meek 1 Sam 9:16-21, Galatians 5:23, 1 Sam 10:6&9,20-23,27
Saul the mighty 1 Sam 11:4-7
Saul the mindful 1 Sam 11:12-13

2. Saul the sovereign 1 Sam 13:1-4

Saul the mutineer 1 Sam 13: 8-12, 1 Sam 15:1-3,7-14,20-21
Saul the miserable 1 Sam 16:14-18&23 1 Sam 17:11
Saul the madman 1 Sam 18:6-9, Proverbs 27:4, 1 Sam 18: 10-11&21, 1 Sam 19:9, 1 Sam 20:30&33, 1 Sam 28:7-13, 1 Sam 31: 3-4

3. Gods mercy

(The video cut off at this point the following is a summary)

1 Sam 28: 19- Samuel tells Saul after the witch had summoned him that his end was near. The witch saw Samuel descend the ladder Jacob saw in Genesis 28 and the message Samuel told Saul was that at the end of his life he would be with him. Samuel was no doubt in heaven, which means even though Saul in his depressed/ mad state would commit suicide, Gods grace had still redeemed him

4: lessons learned
2timothy 2:19 God knows all of his children and will ultimately redeem them but that doesn’t mean we can’t make an absolute mess of our life which will end in misery and destruction, Therefore we must turn from every iniquity.

1Corinthians 9:27 Paul took care so that he would not become a castaway. Little sins can lead to great problems. If sin is indulged in long enough it can cause even the strongest saint to become a sin driven madman


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