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Sex and the Single Girl - A (Slightly Older) Woman’s Guide To Dominating the Dating World

Sex and the Single Girl - A (Slightly Older) Woman’s Guide To Dominating the Dating World


Let's talk about single women in their 40s, 50s and maybe even their 60s. They may be single or divorced, but they want to enjoy being on their own, out meeting men,dating and being independent. They may want to find relationship, but they are also be okay on their own.

Over 40 and single? Can't figure out those dating apps? Tried dating apps and had a bad experience? Feel like you need to loose weight before dating again? How do I text with a man? What about sexting? Isn’t Tinder just for hookups? Is it okay to hookup? How do I find a fantastic lover? How do I know if I should meet a man in person who I met online? Is it safe?

If you’ve been out of the dating world for a while, the world has changed. Technology now enables us to meet interesting men who we’d never meet otherwise, but it can be a little intimidating and tricky to figure out. We have all the tips, advice and experience to get you back in the dating world and back enjoying your sexuality. We don’t promise you a husband, but we do promise lots of fun. Now is the time for you to have what and who you want in your life!

Insider Secrets to Dating and Living Boldly After 40
Get Back Your Sexy And Get Out There!!

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About Anne Grey

We are Anne, author of Sex and the Single Girl: A [Slightly Older] Girl’s Guide To Dominating the Dating World and Cheryl, owner of g boutique, Chicago’s favorite lingerie and erotica shop, – 2 very adult, grown-up women, who haven’t given up - on anything! We’ve been there, done that and want to go more places and do more things. We work, we take care of ourselves and our families and when its playtime, we do it in style.

About Sex and the Single Girl: A [Slightly Older] Girl’s Guide To Dominating the Dating World

Do you think having sex (or even…having fun?!) is something that is meant for twenty-somethings? If so, you couldn’t be more wrong!

In her newest book, Anne Grey makes the point that now is the “golden age” for dating and that your age may just have something to do with it!

Once a woman reaches her late 30s - early 40s, she suddenly drips with confidence. She knows what she wants; those pesky few extra pounds don’t bug her; she doesn’t need to play games; the bedroom is no longer a scary place; and finally, sex can be fun and rewarding.

If you’re new to the dating world, or if you’ve been in it a while and are struggling to find your stride, then Anne Grey’s Sex and the [Slightly Older] Single Girl is the handbook you need.

Rather than focus on “how to win a man,” Anne teaches her readers to love their bodies, be proud of their sexuality, embrace multiple lovers, and most importantly, how to maintain freedom and self-respect while doing all of the above.

If you’re worried about figuring out all those dating apps….don’t miss CHAPTER 3.
Need a body image pick-me-up? Turn to CHAPTER 2.
Looking for ways to “spice it up” in the bedroom? Check out CHAPTER 4.
Each chapter even ends with a personal story from Anne’s dating past.

This book is far from old-fashioned or outdated.


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