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Episode 40 - Skredded Summary
In Episode 40, John and Davis discuss Skred’s big win at GP Dallas and its place in the Modern format. We then dive more into Modern, talking about various fast decks and how Burn is toeing the line as well as the different builds and what their differences implicate. Mono Red Burn in Standard and Mardu Vehicles are covered too, with a study of what we think could attack weaknesses in the tier 1 group. Lastly, we get into our usual Mailbag, Brewers Corner, and Loose Change, divulging on some of our upcoming tournaments in #GPMIL and the Salt Lake City RPTQ
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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:
(0:00) Introduction
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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Giveaways – Nerd Rage Swag, Pile of Standard Red Rares.
(6:30) Tournament Report
Davis’s Denver Trip

Mardu Vehicles by Matt Severa (Standard)
Skred Red by Kevin Mackie (Modern)
Mono Red Burn by John Galli (Standard)

Sealed Weekends, GP MKE and Salt Lake City RPTQ
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(1:00:38) Mailbag (Davis and John Alternate Questions)
Answered all our Facebook listener’s questions and some Twitter crossover, see our media pages for reference :)

Also - Philosophy of Fire
(1:29:18) Brewers Corner
Prototypical Red by Saffron Olive (Standard)
Mardu Reanimator by Justin Gilley (Standard)

Mono Red Cube:

(1:37:04) Loose Change and Last Music Plays
The Arrival (now John has seen it too)
Cop Car -
Allied -
Hacksaw Ridge -
Russell Westbrook Going HAM, Anthony Davis, NBA Love
(more info at )
(1:51:04) Signing Off
(1:51:58) FIN
(All music courtesy of the Passion HiFi)


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