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Slinging Fire With Amonkhet


Episode Summary
Episode 45: Slinging Fire With Amonkhet
In this episode Davis and John dive into the world of Amonkhet. There’s still much to be spoiled but with so many potentially powerful Red cards already previewed we were chomping on the bit to get started. We talk about some of the flavors Red could take on in Standard, the impact of some of the new cards on Modern, and future tournament life. We also get back into our regular segments this time with Mailbag, Brewer’s Corner, and Loose Change.
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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:
(0:00) Introduction
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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Fandango Gift Cards were sent out.
(1:59) Tournament Report
Amonkhet showing some Red love. We discuss
(1:01:00) Mailbag
What’s the better Modern Burn Build right now - Boros or Naya? Additions from Amonkhet? - Mike Valenzuela, Imon Olgado (Ditto on Skred - Zak Kulhan & Duncan Parke)

What’s the right balance of creatures in Scumbag Red, is Keldon Marauders a consideration, and was Mutagenic Growth worth it - Thomas Mogensen
What direction for Red in Standard and is Harsh Mentor the real deal - lots of people
(1:13:40) Brewers Corner
Madness Red by John (Standard)
Big Red Revision by John (Standard)
(1:20:56) Loose Change and Last Music Plays
John - Going to Atlanta for best friend’s bachelor party. Trying to figure out next GP trip and how to approach Standard next season
NBA Playoffs - interesting matchups?
(more info at
(1:29:43) Signing Off
(1:15:00) End
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