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Spaced Out Radio Jan 28th Richard Smith The Ufo Teacher Solreta Antaria Et Communicator


In the 1st hour on Cosmic Passport, Elizabeth Anglin is in with Richard Smith "The UFO Teacher" Professional Life-Changing Speaker, Motivational Experiencer and Visionary Author on the topic of Extraterrestrial Contact, the Moorish Legacy, Human Origins and related matters. Smith received high honors at New York State University for his dedicated work with Extraterrestrial Intervention and Alien Contact Phenomena.

In the second hour we travel to Melbourne to bring you Solreta Antaria - The ET Communicator Famous for her Aura Drawings/Psychic readings and speaking Star Language.

Seen on TV thoughout Australia, Solreta was born with Clairvoyant abilities, she can tune into a person's energy field (aura), seeing colors & symbols that surround us while often seeing Spirit guides, Angels, ET's & Ascended Masters. Solreta also uses Clairaudience & Empathic abilities, to help people gain greater understanding & wisdom on their soul path. Solreta has a passion for high vibration Raw food, manifesting goals, sharing & helping others.
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