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Spring-Heeled Jack Mystery & Occult Paris


Author John Matthews explores the mysterious case of Spring-Heeled Jack - was he real or an urban legend? Described as-a tall, thin, bounding figure with bat-like wings, clawed hands, wheels of fire for eyes --Spring-Heeled Jack first leapt to public attention in Victorian London. Author John Matthews provides an extensive look at SHJ from his ancient beginnings, to connections to Jack the Ripper & Slenderman, explored in his book "The Mystery of Spring-Heeled Jack." ​In the second hour, Tobias Churton explains how Victorian Paris became the focus for the most intense revival of magical practices since the Renaissance. Featured from his book "Occult Paris: The Lost Magic of The Belle Epoque," Tobias shows how this part of history helped birth cultural movements, such as the “psychedelic 60s.”


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