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The Gore Report (feat DJ Gore) Original Air Date: 3/5/14

The Gore Report (feat DJ Gore) Original Air Date: 3/5/14


Guttural Engorgement-The Slow Decay of Infested Flesh
Laceration-Abhorrent Remnants of the Defiled Being
Necromorphic Irruption-Eradication of the Innocents
Origin-Conceiving Death
Paroxysmal Butchering-Axiom of Suffering
Suffocation-Jesus Wept
Cephalic Carnage-Endless Cycle of Violence
Atrocious Abnormality-Bastard Spawn
Tomorrow's Victim-Suffering Behold Us
Euphoric Defilement-Abolishing the Divine Structure
Aborning-No Skin off My Shitter
Disemboweled Corpse-Torn Torso
Gorguts-Drifting Remains
Mossy Bank excerpt
Pyaemia-Sugar Spiced Anus
Mass Infection-Beyond Perpetuation
Slamophiliac-Disgorging Vaginal Fluid
Acranius-The Echo of Her Cracking Chest
Phalloplasty-Satan's Den
Asphyxiate-Instrument of Defiled Breeder
Dethorned-Unconscious Life
Skinless-Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead
Twitch of the Death Nerve-The Repercussions of Fetus Consumption
Nile-Natural Liberation of Fear Through the Ritual Deception of Death
Logic of Denial-Reek of Perpetual Infamy
Katalepsy-Gore Conspiracy
Colpolscopy-Excavation of Aborted Remnants
Incantation-Demonic Incarnate
Gutsaw-Grenade Gynecology
Birth of Depravity-Developed Mass Insanity
Catastrophic-You Must Bleed
Execration-Monkey Shit


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