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The Greatest Blessing


We saw in our last study how Jacob deceived Isaac and received the blessing that should have gone to the first born. Now Isaac gives strict instructions to Jacob before he is sent away. The most important instruction for Jacob is that he should not marry a woman from Canaan. This is the same instruction that Isaac received from Abraham. The Jewish bloodline must remain pure in order for the seed which will bless all nations, will come according to scripture and prophecy. Basically this was given to Jacob as a stipulation. God’s blessing will be upon him, but only if he adheres to Isaac’s charge. This is God’s plan, and it must be followed. Now I do want to mention here that Jacob is not deserving of this blessing. He is a conniver and a manipulator, but God isn’t done with him yet. This is an important point this morning. None of us are deserving of God’s blessing of salvation. None of us are made perfect before we can be saved.


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