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The Lost Art of Resurrection / Freddy Silva


In hour one, Freddy Silva, leading Researcher in Alternative History, reveals the lost radical ancient practice of living resurrection, in which initiates ritually died and were reborn into a state of higher consciousness. Featured in his book, "The Lost Art of Resurrection: Initiation, Secret Chambers, & The Quest for the Underworld," Freddy explores resurrection practices from past and present world cultures. We'll describe the secret chambers and temples around the globe where Mystery Schools practiced “raising the dead.” In addition, we'll explore if Jesus Christ was initiate as well as, why this practice was branded a heresy and suppressed by the Church.

Then, in the second hour, Jason Gregory gives a guide to uncovering the enlightenment already within us. We'll discuss his book "Enlightenment Now" which explores the concept through the prism of philosophy, psychology, and spirituality, Built on Buddhist, Hindu, and Taoist wisdom to express the timeless and ever-present nature of enlightenment, Jason reveals the negative impact of social and cultural conditioning on our psyche and how to counteract this through meditation and reframing our understanding of time.;,


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