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The Nocturnal Pulse (feat Dj Anubis)

The Nocturnal Pulse (feat Dj Anubis)


Black Metal Broadcast

Today's playlist:

Locrian- An Index of Air
DJ Anubis- INTRO
Profantica- Ropes of Hatred
Morphinist- Blood Brothers
Grift- Slutet Hav
Sorcier Des Glaces- Macabre Operetta
Noctem- Whispers of the Ancient Gods
De Profundis- Kult of the Orthodox
Nova- Legione Del Vento
Lunatic Affliction- Pt 2: Die 7 Pforten Von Kurnugi
Solium Fatalis- Fractured Divinity
Vanhelga- Vansinnesvardag
Epistasis- Grey Ceiling
Arholt- Into Their Light
Introspectiva- The Lonely Wolf Road
Teloch- Ascending Thrones and Stars
Dodsfall- Merket I Sjel Og Blod
Mightiest- Soular Eclipse
Fragments of Unbecoming- Vast
Walsung- A Wind Age, A Wolf Age


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