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The Return Of Aggro And Pro Tour Kaladesh


In Episode 39 John and Davis discuss the strong Red presence at SCG Indy and hash out how they think the future of those decks will look. They crack into the weak and strong points of the various builds, as well as other avenues you can take Red (To Copter or Not To Copter!?). Davis introduces his saucy UR Dredge build for SCG Regionals, John recaps his GP Atlanta experience, and the Brewers Corner brings us an update of an old favorite. We answer some reader questions we didn't get to last time, and close things out with some new TV shows we're watching as well as current Movie-ige. Lastly it's Cubs, Music, and NBA talk until our next episode with a big possible special guest on the horizon.

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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:

(0:00) Introduction

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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Giveaways – Nerd Rage Swag, Pile of Standard Red Rares.

(5:36) Tournament Report

WR Vehicles by Chris VanMeter (Standard)

WR Vehicles Update by Chris VanMeter (Standard)

WR Vehicles by Donovan Lachney (Standard)

RB Aggro by Jacob Hagen (Standard)

Mono Red Aggro by Clayton Long (Standard)

Grixis Emerge by Davis Merced (Standard)

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(47:02) Mailbag (Davis and John Alternate Questions)

Davis - Have either of you guys messed around with bedlam reveler in modern? Or have you ever been drawn to,
a deck normally outside your comfort zone and did you gain new insight from playing it? - Jordan Wilson
John - Could there be a home for Dynavolt Tower in the Thermo-burn deck? - Jonathan Whitefield

(55:23) Brewers Corner

Mono Red Vampires by Tyler Williams (Standard)

(1:06:29) Loose Change and Last Music Plays

Luke Cage
Midnight Special
the birth of a nation
SCG Regionals, SCG Milwaukee
baseball and the return of the NBA

Tenkkeys - Spark Master Mixtape

(more info at

(1:25:36) Signing Off

(All music courtesy of the Passion HiFi)


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