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The Way Out Podcast Episode 75 - HIStory Part One


I’m Charlie, and I’ll be your host for this week’s episode as we partake in the first of a two part series with a very special guest; one I’m proud to call a friend and mentor in my own recovery. You’ll notice a number of elements typically included in the podcast conspicuously absent from this week’s and next week’s episodes. Most evident perhaps, is you will never hear our guest’s name uttered even once – a condition I only learned of moments before the interview began. Second; the length of sobriety accumulated by our guest never comes up – not because it was a condition of the interview; simply because the preference was for you – The Way Out Podcast Listener to identify with the story; not with the personality or with the length or lack thereof; of sobriety time. You’re in for an absolute treat in part one of my interview with; well – Just Listen Up.


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