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The Way Out Podcast Episode 81 - Smile Now & Cry Later with Freddy Negrete (Part One)


I’m Charlie and I’ll be your host for the first episode of a two part series with legendary tattoo artist Freddy Negrete. Freddy’s first years were marked by abandonment and abuse as he grew up in East L.A. in the heart of the Cholo Gang Sub-Culture. Freddy left his toxic foster home for good at 12 years old to join the Cholo gang of East L.A. full time. Art had always been Freddy’s calling from his early graffiti laden days giving rise to quickly becoming the most sought after black & grey realist in the world. Addiction was ubiquitous in gang lifestyle and Freddy was no exception; as he went into a decidedly downward spiral of heroin addiction. Listen Up.


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