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Top Secret News Radio Show Dec 28 2017 Top Trending News & Prediction Show


Tonight we will be back discussing our Top Trending Strange News Topics from across the globe on the Ufo...Conspiracies & Crypto well our popular News of the Weird segment...with some strange and interesting topics..Tonight we will be discussing Chinas "Social Credit Rating" along with their form of a National ID starting in well as the UN's roll in the ID 20/20 Alliance to implement a Global ID by 2030..Is this really going to happen?...We will also be discussing the call for the UN into Chicago by County well as the sightings and videos of UN Vehicles being stored nearby...Could this be what we are in store for in the future?...Were also going to be discussing IA Robots...where do they play a role in 2018 Updates on the Pre Cogs Dreams as well as some predictions for 2018...and so much more ..This is a show you dont want to miss.


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