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Top Secret News Radio Show July 27 2017 Guest Mary Joyce Topic Top Secret Whistleblower info revealed


Make sure to join Christina & Rene Tonight on Top Secret News Radio Show... ...Tonight we have a great show planned...We will be Joined by Mary Joyce ....Author and Editor of Skyships Over Cahiers Website....Mary will be here discussing the Top Secret Info leaked to her by some of her Top Security Clearance Military Whistleblowers....We will start off discussing the Dark Cabal...what is it....the tiers of people and agencies it well as the ET’s dark plan with the Cabal...and what it involves....We will also be disucssing Underground Base in North Carolina...and info leaked about it by another well as another Military Whistleblower "Robert" of Ohio...who stumbled into a vast and secret underground facility beneath Edwards Air Force Base in California in 1971. It changed his life forever....and Mary will be explaining why and what happened....We have these stories and more to cover on tonights show....You don't want to miss this Interview...It's going to be a great show


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