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Turning Richmond Red and Regionals Prep Feat Andrew Frank


Episode Summary
Episode 42: Turning Richmond Red and Regionals Prep Feat Andrew Frank
In this episode we are joined by special guest and Podcast listener Andrew Frank. Andrew has been working with John and Davis for the last year or so on various Red decks, and almost made it to the Pro Tour last season losing a close win-and-in at the RPTQ. Recently Andrew made Day 2 of #SCGRICH on the back of our Sullivan Red brew and we talk about his experience, the deck, and changes to come. Next, we get into Modern with some preparation for #SCGREGIONALS to give you the ins and outs for what we like in the current metagame. We close it out with our usual Brewers Corner, Mailbag, and Loose Change.
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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:
(0:00) Introduction
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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Giveaways – Davis’s giant Red cards
(5:32:00) Tournament Report
Sullivan Red by Andrew Frank and John Galli
Andrew’s Deck Tech and Decklist
(explaining choices and birthing ideas are important, we’ve had a lot of Reddit chatter)
Burn, Scumbag Red, and Skred for Regionals
Scumbag Red 2.0
A Message From Our Sponsor
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(57:52) Mailbag
Sebastian Gerard, Christian Peligro, Imon Olgado, Peter Clark: What direction do you think Standard Red decks should be taking right now (Burn, Menace, Big Red, RDW)? (Standard)
James Kemp, Anthony Fontenot Jr, Austin Baird, Taylor Goodland: What’s the correct path for Burn in Modern right now, how do the bannings and new meta shape it? (Modern)
(side note) How important are Skullcrack effects right now? (Modern)
(1:09:18) Brewers Corner
Red and Improvise? (how can we abuse Walking Ballista in Mono Red)
Eldrazi Red?
(1:13:57) Loose Change and Last Music Plays
Oscar Contest - Major Categories (Best Picture, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actor, Supporting Actress, Best Director) (winner gets two $25 Fandango gift cards)
Hidden Figures
Hell or High Water
The Arrival
Hacksaw Ridge
La La Land
Manchester by the Sea
(more info at
Davis watched hidden figures, the accountant, split.
(1:26:25) Signing Off
(1:27:44) End
(All music courtesy of the Passion HiFi)


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