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When it’s Time to Leave a Church:  Part 1

When it’s Time to Leave a Church: Part 1


God desires to fill all His houses with thousands and thousands of new believers and sanctified saints who are growing into the image and likeness of Jesus, are bearing much fruit as Jesus disciples, and under the church administration of His Holy Spirit.

Yet, to God's ministers or those who coming to the house of the Lord, is the congregation of people you assemble with exalting Jesus, or their own church brand, denomination, or their own fleshly desires?

If the rule of men is prevalent in that congregation, you may feel the Holy Spirit's well of life has been running dry where you have been planted. If so, you must seek the Lord to know if it's time to leave, or if it's time to take your ministry to the Lord to another level.

It may be that God's Spirit will bear much fruit again, or it could be that the church will be plucked up by the roots!


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