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Why There Is No God with Armin Navabi


One of my favorite things about running a podcast is the great people you can meet. I consider the folks from the Irreverent Skeptics podcast to be friends; I've talked briefly to Ross from Skeptically Challenged and Bobby from No Religion Required. I've been in studio with Richard Carrier, and talked on Skype with Michael Sherlock and Randy Tyson. I’m not just name dropping, I’m incredibly thrilled to meet and talk to all of these people. They’re great people and great critical thinkers. In the first episode of the year I was very happy to meet another great person. Armin Navabi of the Atheist Republic group and Facebook page, atheist author, and ex-Muslim Skype in with me, Mike, Lana, and Rene for a great talk about his new book, some new projects for the Atheist Republic and criticizing Islam. This is episode 24, recorded on January 9, 2015. Featuring music by Billy Talent and a shout out for the Cognitive Dissonance podcast.
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