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Winning The WMCQ Feat. Lee Marino


In Episode 34 we discuss our joint pilgrimage to the WMCQ which included a great road trip, some Suicide Zoo and Burn stories, and exploring the new Eldritch Moon format on the fly.

We then talk a little Prerelease, followed by having on special guest Lee Marino of Denver, CO, who won the WMCQ in Lincoln, NE with Burn. Lee shares his battle to victory with us and talks about what it takes to be a Red mage at the highest level. We close things out with a Madness Red brew and our usual Loose Change segment where some new movies slide into the dock. Enjoy!

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This Week’s Episode Timeline Breakdown:

(0:00) Introduction
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Your hosts John Galli & Davis Merced. Swag Giveaways.

(0:32) Tournament Report
Suicide Zoo by Magnus Lantto (Played by
Davis Merced at the WMCQ)

Burn (Played by John Galli at the WMCQ)

(27:52) Special Guest Lee Marino (WMCQ Winner in Lincoln)

Lee Marino - WMCQ Winner!

Burn (Played by Lee Marino at the WMCQ)
(Showtime_MTG on Twitch, Showtime on MTGO)

(85:00) Giveaways And A Message From Our Sponsor
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(1:31:38) Brewers Corner
Madness Red

(99:11) Loose Change
The Wrestler
Davis tempted by a new car
Free State of Jones
The Killing Joke
Star Trek
(more info at

(1:14:00) Signing Off

(All music courtesy of the Passion HiFi)


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