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ZappaCast, Episode 29 (THE LOST EPISODE -- Meet Matthew Galaher!)

ZappaCast, Episode 29 (THE LOST EPISODE -- Meet Matthew Galaher!)


Guess who's back? Back again?... OK, enough of all this break nonsense...the ZappaCast RETURNETH! After a summer spent deep in research and book writing, we are back (baby) with THE LOST EPISODE...taped several months ago, and chock full of OLD NEWS! Well, maybe just a little... This episode we meet the one and only MATTHEW GALAHER, Zappa fan extraordinaire, high-class musician, wit, racounteur and bon vivant. Matthew tells us his stories of years of alumni interaction and more... NOTE: one of the reasons why this is THE LOST EPISODE is that the quality of the interview is less than wonderful, due to some issues with Skype. We've thrown everything we've had at the problem, but this is the best we've got. Enjoy it anyway! And STAY SHARP for the BONUS TRACKS at the end...featuring three versions a tribute to Captain Beefheart's compositional method (2 played on vibraphone, one on piano) by the wonderful and irrepressible MALCOLM TENT!! We shall return VERY SOON with something VERY SPECIAL!!! Until then...DIG IT!!


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